Information about Tournament(ENG)

European Math Tournament will take place from February, 27 to March 4, 2024 at park hotel ‘Pokrovskoye which situated at Odintsovo City District (about 60 km from Moscow, Russia). It is a team tournament of math battles (rules can be found in the corresponding section of this website). Accomodation and tournament competition are at the ‘Pokrovskoye’ hotel. Meals are served buffet-style. The tournament organiser is MMMF camps.

We invite the teams consisting of 5 school students and 1 supervisor who represent math schools or systems of math clubs. Participation of combined city or country teams is also possible.

Teams participate in one of 3 age stages:
Stage-14: grade 7-8 for Russian teams, date of birth not earlier than 01.01.2009 for international teams;

Stage-12: grade 6 for Russian teams, date of birth not earlier than 01.01.2011 for international teams;

Stage-11: grade 5 for Russian teams, date of birth not earlier than 01.01.2012 for international teams.

Official languages of the tournament are Russian and English. Teams get problems in their native language. Team supervisors should speak one of the two official languages to provide translation for the team.

Tournament program:
February, 27 — check-in (from 12:00), tournament opening
February, 28 — team olympiad, excursions
February, 29 and March, 1-3 — math battles
March, 4 — individual contest, tournament closing, check-out (before 8 pm)
It is possible to check-out on March, 5 in the morning — it is paid additionally.

We meet all teams at V.Novgorod railway station or at Chudovo station (it is on the route Moscow-St. Petersburg). Also we can meet your team at Pulkovo airport (St. Peterburg) for extra charge.

Participation fees that include all the organisational expenses, food and hotel is 34 000 rubles for each participant and 32 000 rubles rubles for a team-leader.

To participate it is required to fill out the registration form. To register the team click here.

All the questions about the tournament can be forwarded to


Chairman of the Board: Alexander Shapovalov (Stockholm, Sweden).
Co-chairman of the Board: Alexander Golovanov (St. Peterburg, Russia).
Organising committee supervisor: Dmitry Korobitsyn (Moscow, Russia).