Information about Tournament(ENG)

The European Math Tournament will take place in Minsk (Republic of Belarus) from 1 to 7 March, 2019. It is a team tournament of math battles (see the regulations in the corresponding website section). The ‘Krinitsa’ sanatorium will host the event and its participants. The tournament organizer is the MSU Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Junior Division (MMMF).

Teams numbering 5 schoolchildren and 1 team-leader and representing math schools and clubs are eligible for entry. Joint teams representing several cities or countries may also participate as well as teams from non-European countries.

A team participates in one of the two age categories:

Stage-14: participants’ dates of birth may not be before than 01.01.2004

Stage-12: participants’ dates of birth may not be before than 01.01.2006.

The official tournament languages are English and Russian. Teams receive problems in their native languages. The team-leader must have a good command of one of the two official languages to provide for his (her) team.

Tournament programme:

1 March – participants’ arrival, opening ceremony

2 March – team contest, sightseeing tours

3, 4, 5 March – math-battles

6 March – battle finals, closing ceremony

7 March – participants’ departure (before lunchtime)

The participation fee including all organizational costs, board and accommodation is 320 euros per participant and team-leader (1920 euros per team).

You are to fill in a registration form to participate:

Click here for registration

If the number of applications is too large, the organizing committee reserves the right to select the teams to participate in the event.

All questions concerning the tournament can be sent to

The jury chairman is Alexander Chapovalov (Stockholm, Sweden)

The head of the organizing committee is Dmitry Korobitsyn (Moscow, Russia)